The Mojito

The Mojito is a rum drink… a Cuban cocktail that originated in Havana in the late 1800s. It gained popularity beginning in the 1930s as Americans were drawn to the Caribbean lifestyle. This is my favorite drink of all… not only for it’s wonderfully refreshing taste which results from the perfect balance of it’s sweet […]


The Atomic

There are many variations of this contemporary cocktail. For now, we’ve chosen this one to be featured on The Tiki Bar Is Open for three reasons: it’s flavor, it’s name and it’s tiki pop culture influences. This version of the cocktail provides a true island escape because it’s main flavors come from pineapple and orange […]


Almond Joy Cocktail

Inspired by the candy bar. You know… the one with the coconut center topped with almonds and milk chocolate. The one with the famous ads: “Sometimes you feel like a nut… sometimes you don’t! Almond Joy’s got nuts… Mounds don’t!” Almond Joy and Mounds were two similar candy bars (one with almonds, one without) that […]


Oysters Rockefeller

First, imagine a place on the east coast of Florida. Early 1900s and heavy Spanish influence. The wealthiest in America are migrating in and around Daytona Beach, lead by John D. Rockefeller. All along the Halifax River and all along the mighty blue Atlantic you find beautiful mansions that are winter homes and even permanent […]


Limocello Collins

Here is a great twist on a vintage cocktail, the Tom Collins. The Tom Collins is made from from gin, lemon juice, sugar, and carbonated water… essentially a gin and sparkling lemonade. There is kind of a funny story about this concoction that dates back to around 1874 in New York and the surrounding states […]

Tikified Tiramisu

Tiramisu is Italian for “pull me up”. It is a very popular Italian cake and for good reason. When you take a bite, the flavors just jump in your mouth, wake you up and bring you to life. Tiramisu is awesome. There are also some terrific variations of Tiramisu… including this Tikified variation. Tiramisu is […]

The Waring Blendor

In general, I prefer to my cocktails shaken… not stirred. However, every once in awhile, it is quite acceptable (necessary even) to use a blender. Here’s a cool fact about the coolest blender to ever exist – the Waring Blendor: The Waring Blendor is named after Fredrick Malcolm Waring, a popular musician, bandleader and radio-television […]